Hospice announces a new program in partnership with Essex-Windsor EMS


A new program has been announced for Hospice patients.

The 20th annual Hospice Face to Face Campaign held a celebration at Hospice on Monday. 

This year's campaign will continue to raise funds in support of Hospice's Fairley Family Transportation Program, which provides rides to medical appointment for Hospice clients. 

However, during the campaign, it was announced that the campaign will also support a new initiative this fall. 

In partnership with Essex-Windsor EMS, Hospice announced an innovative new program that the Face to Face Campaign will also support The G.E.N.I.E. Program (Granting Exceptional N' Impactful Experiences).

The G.E.N.I.E. Program will offer the opportunity for patients receiving Hospice care, whether in Hospice Residences or in their own home, to request special trips or outings. 

The program will be able to provide safe and accessible rides to patients who want to attend one last family reunion, spend a few hours at a local park, or even visit their family home one last time to create a memorable experience for them.

All Hospice programs and services are offered at no cost to patients and families, including this one.