Hotel Accommodations Being Provided to WRH Staff


A new partnership is in place to provide alternate accommodations to frontline health care workers from Windsor Regional Hospital (WRH).

WFCU Credit Union and Farhi Holdings Corporation are committing over $650,000 to provide accommodations for up to three months at the Best Western Plus Hotel on Riverside Drive for frontline hospital staff during the COVID-19 crisis.

"We want to provide whatever amount of rooms they need, so far they need 40," says Shmuel Farhi, President of Farhi Holdings Corporation.  "If they need additional rooms, we are going to definitely work with them.  I mean we have to understand that the real heroes in this pandemic is the doctors, nurses and the healthcare workers.”

WFCU President Eddie Francis says the goal is for frontline healthcare workers to have a place to go, if they don't feel comfortable going home.

"We are under writing the cost of the rooms and making those rooms available for us by the hospital," says Francis.  "How they get administered, how they get distributed all that will be dealt with by the hospital, through the hospital and through their dedicated teams." 

Francis says he has contacted WRH President and CEO David Musyj, to see what else is needed and the parties will all work together to allocate rooms for healthcare workers.