Hotel Dieu Looking To E-Volve


Hotel Dieu Grace Healthcare is taking on what its CEO calls one of its biggest projects to date.

The organization is upgrading to the "E-Volve" system to use electronic records and is working in partnership with Windsor Regional Hospital and Erie Shores in Leamington, to do so.

Hotel Dieu CEO Janice Kaffer calls it a clinical care project that speaks to a different way of recording and managing patient information.

As part of the new system, Kaffer says documentation that would typically done on a paper chart, will now be done electronically.

"What happens then is that staff will be using what we call work-stations on wheels and they will be going to where the patients and families are and that allows us to incorporate patient and family perspective into documentation and a lot of other things," she says.

Kaffer adds the new system will no longer mean scanning of paper records to take to another care provider.

"Patients will be able to log on to a patient portal and get their information at a time and a place that makes sense to the patients and family member."

She says the the goal is to have a seamless flow of information.

"If they go from Windsor Regional Hospital when they're acutely ill to us when they are on their rehab journey and maybe they live in Leamington and they seek emergency care at Erie Shores, that's what we're aiming to get, is that seamless continuity of information and care." says Kaffer.

For Hotel Dieu, the total cost of ownership for the system over a 10-year period comes at a cost of $20-million.