Hotel-Dieu's Addictions Program on the Move


Hôtel-Dieu Grace Healthcare is relocating its Addiction Assessment and Referral Program.

Effective October 19, services that are currently offered out of the Withdrawal Management Building on Connaught Street, will move to the Crisis and Mental Wellness Centre at 744 Ouellette Ave.

Director of Mental Health and Addictions, Patrick Kolowicz, says about 700 people go through addiction and assessment referral every year so the organization wanted to communicate news of the move well in advance.

"Anyone who is showing up for our walk in clinics, there's typically two walk in clinics that are held weekly, that they would now actually go to the Ouellette location at the Crisis and Mental Wellness centre."

He says there have been discussions about moving for over a year now.

"What we know historically from feedback that we've received from the public has been that the mental health and addiction system is confusing and so we want to create a system that allows for some sort of a venue where if people are confused on where to go, they can go and we can try to wrap supports around them."

Kolowicz says services offered by Hotel-Dieu are typically for people aged 16 and older.

"People come in for walk-in and we get a sense during that time frame on what are the needs of the individual seeking treatment and we use a set of standardized, evidence-based tools that allow us to work through the individuals problems an then align them with the appropriate level of service."

The Assessment Referral Program is a community-based agency for people who are concerned or experiencing problems and/or negative consequences related to substance use.