House in Essex Sells for More than Double the Asking Price


The real estate market in Windsor-Essex continues to boom.

A house in the Town of Essex was on the market for five days and sold for roughly $225,000 over the asking price.

The house on Day Street was listed for $199,900 and sold for more than $425,000 earlier this week.

Shan Hasan is with the Hasan Group at Re/Max Capital Diamond.

He was the agent for the sellers and says there were 20 plus offers for the home.

"I had a few friends call me and be like listen, you single handedly changed the property values in all of Essex and I said thank-you," he says. 

Hasan says Essex is feeling the overflow from the hot housing market.

"Yes people don't anticipate this in Essex but these other surrounding cities and towns are going to benefit from the power of Windsor and it's just going to radiate out," says Hasan.  "So yeah the market is booming, low supply, high, high demand."       

He says if you're in the market to buy, be prepared for multiple offers.

"In this market right now, you're 100 per cent going to go into multiple offers without any question," he says.  "So that's why I tell every client, anybody that's looking at the market, yes that's the list price but anticipate you're not the only one looking at it.  "There's a very high demand.  This area is booming, people are ready to buy.  People do have money and they are pushing to buy so there's always going to be a competition."            

According to the listing, the home has three bedrooms and one bath.

It was built in the 1960s.