Human Femur Found at Amherstburg Bridge Halts Construction Project


A human femur has been discovered at a bridge under construction in Amherstburg.

Workers came across the human remains on August 3 at the site on Concession Road 2 between North Side Road and Riverview Drive South.

Mayor Aldo DiCarlo tells CTV Windsor police determined a criminal investigation was not needed, but the Ontario Ministry of Government and Consumer Services has ordered an archeological burial site investigation — putting the bridge rebuild on hold for now.

DiCarlo says the discovery was not surprising.

"Amherstburg is a very old town. We have a lot of history, especially Indigenous and the War of 1812. The town contacted the police, the police contacted the coroner's officers who confirmed it was a human femur," he says.

DiCarlo says those who use the road regularly are getting frustrated.

"You can include me in one of those people who would use this road frequently who are extremely frustrated to have to keep using the detoured route," he says. "We really are at the mercy of the archeologists and the ministry as far as timelines go."

Resident Mike Dube lives nearby and says the road has been closed for 18 months.

"There was a lot of activity recently, then all of a sudden it stopped. It's gone long enough and I know a lot of people in the community want it to reopen, but apparently this happens quite a lot around bridges," says Dube.

Until the latest setback, the bridge work was scheduled to be completed by October.

There's no word yet when construction will resume.