Humane Society Asking Pet Owners to be Very Cautious this Weekend


The Windsor-Essex County Humane Society is reminding pet owners to take care of their animals in this heat.

A heat warning is in effect for the area with Environment Canada forecasting temperatures in the low to mid 30s into next week but feeling even hotter once the humidity is factored in.

Executive Director Melanie Coulter says if your pet is outside this weekend make sure to have plenty of water available because they will struggle with the heat.

"Limit their exercise and time outside and really think about the animals outside, the birds and the other wildlife and if you could put a bowl of water out for them, they will definitely appreciate it too," she says.

Coulter says pets will struggle with the heat.

"Even just taking your dog for a brisk walk during this weather can be dangerous for them," she says. "Your dog is going to try and keep up with you, they love walking, they think it's fun but really they're going to start to struggle after not too long. The pavement gets hot, so some of those other factors are things that pet owners should keep in mind as well."

Coulter says pets should not be left in hot vehicles and if you do see an animal in a hot car, call police.

"This is definitely not a good time to have pets in the car," she says. "Fortunately I think that message is getting through and most people are realizing that this is dangerous to leave your pet in your car for a very short time."

Coulter adds heat stroke can very dangerous or fatal for your pet.

She says if your pet is in distress bring them to a veterinarian right away.