Hundreds of New Housing Units Planned for East Windsor


Hundreds of new housing units could be on the way in east-Windsor.

The Development and Heritage Standing Committee approved re-zoning for two housing projects Tuesday night.

A proposal for three five storey apartment buildings on the corner of Hawthorne Drive and Enterprise Way with 182 new units is the largest of the pair.

It will be a huge boost to the housing stock in the area, according to committee member Chris Holt.

"We need more and the more we can do as a municipality to encourage this kind of development the better it is for everyone," he says.

The development is on a major bus route and a stone's throw from a strip mall, but does have an industrial park to the south.

"It's more fitting in that neighbourhood then some of the other residential options," says Holt. "I don't really see the abutting land uses as really being a huge detriment to the quality of life for the future residents there."

The developer did agree lower the amount of parking for the project. The plan called for 267 spaces, which is more than 228 needed.

Holt says allowing additional parking would contradict the city's commitment to the environment.

"Excessive paving and the environmental ills that come with that like storm water run-off, urban heat islands and that type of thing," he added.

Rezoning for a five-storey 63-unit building on Wyandotte Street East at Watson Avenue was also approved Tuesday night.

That development is adjacent to a shopping centre as well and will be a boost for businesses, according to Holt.

Both plans will now go before city council for consideration at its next regular meeting.