Hydro One invited to special public meeting to discuss power problems in Essex


Essex Town Council wants answers from Hydro One about ongoing power outages and power flickering across the municipality.

Council voted unamiously at Monday night's meeting to invite officials from Hydro One to a special public meeting to discuss the causes and potential solutions to the problems that have been plaguing residents.

Ward 3 Councillor Jason Matyi says over the past couple of days, there have been as many as three outages a day where he lives.

"Different hours, different times, sometimes in the middle of the night," he says. "There's also a list of a lot of damage that's been done to people's electronics, dishwashers, washers and dryers, computers, anything with a circuit board. It's racking up, so I would definitely like to hear why and if there is a plan out of it."

Deputy Mayor Steve Bjorkman says they lose their power several times a day in Colchester.

"There's no storm, it's a beautiful sunny day, it's just clouds and the wind isn't even blowing, and the power goes out. It happens every day and usually twice a day," says Bjorkman.

Ward 1 Councillor Joe Garon thinks it would be nice to hear from Hydro One about the issue and find out why so many people are having their electronics and appliances damaged as a result of the problem.

"It's just crazy the amount of reports I'm hearing that are losing their appliances and their neighbour isn't, so I'd like to know," he says.

The invitation will now be sent to Hydro One to arrange a date for a public meeting as soon as possible.