Indoor Dining Success for Erie Street Restaurant and Lounge

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The owner of an Erie Street restaurant and lounge is pleased with how the opening weekend went with the return of indoor dining.

Vern Myslichuk owns Bacchus Ristorante and Verna-Q-Lar Cocktail Lounge.

"We're far from the finish line but it's definitely a lot better than being shutdown 100 per cent but I think there's a lot of safety involved that's put in place and there's no reason why we can't be dining in," says Myslichuk.  "There's none what so ever."  

He says safety measures were followed and everyone was respectful.

"Everybody was so respectful of the rules, like we've been doing this long enough, we didn't have to do any policing so it was nice, it was nice," he says Myslichuk.  


Photo courtesy: Bacchus Ristorante's Facebook page

Myslichuk says customers enjoyed themselves.

"People walked in as per protocol and they would sit down and I think they just enjoyed the fact that they had the option of sitting on the patio or coming in to dine," says Myslichuk.  "You know there were days where the weather was a little iffy and that really gave us some opportunities as a business to continue moving forward."        

Ontario entered Step 3 of its reopening plan on Friday.

Under Step 3, indoor and outdoor dining capacity is set at the number of people who can safely maintain 2m physical distance.

The number of people who can sit at one table is no longer restricted, but face coverings must still be worn if a customer isn't seated.