Interest swirling over recently shuttered downtown Burger King property


Some prime real estate has opened up in Windsor's downtown core.

The Burger King restaurant at Goyeau St. and University Ave E. has officially closed its doors.

Ward 3 city councillor Rino Bortolin says he's heard several businesses are already interested in the property.

He's not expecting the building to sit vacant for very long.

"Don't be surprised if it's open much sooner than what we've seen. In the past, we were used to seeing buildings potentially sit idle for a year or two. I suspect that we'll see something within months happening here."

As we turn the corner on the pandemic, Bortolin is confident a new tenant can be found.

"It's unfortunate when you have an entity like Burger King close down, but in a market like we're at today, especially when students start to come back and things like that, you'll see that the market is there for somebody to follow in the footsteps there and fill that unit."

 According to a sign posted on the restaurant, it closed on January 10 after more than a decade at the downtown location.