International Students Arriving back in Windsor


The University of Windsor is preparing to welcome its international students back to campus.

According to the university, the plan is rigorous and has been approved by federal, provincial, and local health agencies.

Associate Vice President for Enrolment, Chris Busch, tells AM800 News everything is in place to make sure students can meet necessary measures under the COVID-19 quarantine act, adding "To ensure that they can travel safely and go through a 14-day mandatory quarantine period, to make sure they'll fully supported, that they have both the mental and physical health supports they need and also a requirement to participate in a COVID testing program."

According to Busch, the approved plan takes a monitored approach.

"Individuals that can participate in this program must be asymptomatic so it really is a guided practice as well to ensure that there's ongoing monitoring for the health and safety of students and our community, including all the associated contingency plans as well." he says.

When it comes to a message to the community, Busch says hopes people recognize that international students need to feel welcomes and supported.

"This provides all the supports that are necessary to ensure that they can transition to their Canadian experience in a safe manor, not only for them but for the community as well," he says. "So if they see one of our international students walking down the street, they can have assurance that they have followed the mandatory quarantine requirement."

According to Busch, students who left after the last academic year are expected to start trickling into the city this month. 

All students will have to complete a comprehensive checklist before travelling to Canada and must provide a COVID-19 readiness plan which includes is their date of arrival and the address where they will be staying during quarantine.