Kaschak to continue on as normal at City Council during election campaign


The Liberal candidate running in the Windsor-Tecumseh riding won't be taking a leave of absence from his other gig ahead of the election.

Gary Kaschak, who represents Ward 8 on Windsor city council, says he's very dedicated to the role and has no issue working longer days until the election.

"When asked to run provincially I certainly was honoured and I'm doing that. I'm working 18 hours a day to do the city councillor job for the month of May and continue to represent my residents. As well as doing the campaigning for the Windsor-Tecumseh riding in between."

Kaschak will be donating his net pay for the month of May to registered charities around the city.

"As a token of my appreciation because I may not be doing the city councillor job 100 per cent, but certainly want to give back to community," he continued. "I'm going to donate to the three charities I've picked out and I'm not going to take a charitable donation receipt either."

Over the last few days Kaschak had heard some questions from locals about his intentions and worries over representation, but he plans to continue attending meetings moving forward.

"I've got a couple of committees upcoming, and then there's another city council meeting on Monday, May 30. I'll be attending those, I'll be still in my role of representing the people who elected me. And I'll do my other stuff in my spare time, I think I can do that."

As AM800 reported last week, PC candidate Andrew Dowie was granted an unpaid leave of absence by Tecumseh council until after the provincial election is over.


- with files from AM800's Rob Hindi