Kingsville Could Look at Waiving Patio Fees during Pandemic


Kingsville Council could look at waiving patio fees for the rest of the year due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Deputy Mayor Gord Queen will bring the motion forward at Monday night's meeting asking council to waive fees for pre-existing and new patios for the rest of the year to help ease the burden on local businesses.

Queen says it's clear patios are going to be key to survival for restaurants and bars in town.

"Many of us had a chance to walk down the Open Streets last night and saw the attendance; it was quite well received," says Queen.

He says local business owners have been patient and deserve a break.

"Basically we want to support those who have done well in terms of complying with the requirements of the town," says Queen.

Windsor and several other municipalities have already waived fees, so Queen says council will be looking at what's been done and see where Kingsville can do better.

"We're always open amendments, quite often they're friendly, but if not we go to a vote and could very easily expand the scope of the motion," he added.

Queen is also proposing a full report on the Open Streets Weekend in the coming weeks and a motion thanking the agri-farm sector in town for being proactive with COVID-19 testing.

Council starts live streaming tonight at 7 p.m.