Kingsville council sends social media guidelines to incoming council


Social media guidelines for members of Kingsville council are being put off for now.

A policy was presented Monday night, but council did not lend its support opting to shift responsibility to the new council which will be formed following then 2022 municipal election.

Deputy mayor Gord Queen says he'd like to see the guidelines refined for the new council to decide on.

"I do have some concerns recognizing the fact that October 24 of next year we have a new council that to be appointed," says Queen.  "I believe, from a communication standpoint, yes, we could do better. In terms of the timing of this policy, I cannot support it today."

Councillor Larry Patterson says he'd like to see the integrity commissioner involved.

"We did discuss it at previous times that we were going to sit with our integrity commissioner," says Patterson.  "So I'm not criticizing one thing that you put in your report, but I do want to sit with our integrity commissioner, then come back and then have a vote on it just to be fair."

Councillor Kim DeYong says it's important to get the guidelines right.

"I think there was a lot of pressure on municipal councillors who were active on social media," says DeYong.  "Some of us are more active than others, but there's a lot of pressure to provide information that the residents were asking for. This is 2021 and social media has become, like it or not, a place where people depend on getting information."

The social media guidelines will come before the new Kingsville council shortly after it begins its term in 2022.

The next municipal election is slated for October 24 of next year.