Kingsville Council Set to Discuss COVID-19 Economic Recovery Officer Position


Kingsville council is once again being asked to approve a COVID-19 Economic Recovery Officer.

The issue was first brought forward in January and called for a permanent full time position but was shot down by council. The town's CAO is asking council to reconsider its decision and approve a temporary, full time position for one year.

Councillor Thomas Neufeld voted against the position earlier this year and says he's looking forward to Monday's discussion.

He says he's not sure if the position is a need or a want.

"The Tourism and Economic Development Committee has made this recommendation basically to council so that the businesses can actually have a point person to go to and help them out," says Neufeld. 

In his opinion, Neufeld feels the position falls under the CAO portfolio.

"When we set our budget in January that is the game plan for the year and so money and allocated and that's how we go," says Neufeld.  "To change it up halfway through, money has got to come from somewhere so I understand that there is money that is available but could used towards something else?," he questions.      

According to Neufeld, the town's Tourism and Economic Development Committee has made a request for the position.

"I think there's a little give and take here with administration trying to meet everyone in the middle and find a good compromise," he says.  "From a high level, this is a good compromise but the devil in the details right." 

The salary for the position is slightly over $70,000 and is expected to be funded through the province's COVID-19 financial relief.

The three elements of the position include tourism, business retention and expansion along with external investment.