Kingsville Mayor Excited for New Summer Festivals


Kingsville's mayor is looking forward to a busy summer with two new festivals.

The Highland Games are returning to Lakeside Park June 22 and 23 which includes traditional events like a caber toss, tug-of-war and dance competitions.

The last time the games were in Kingsville was in the early 1980's.

As well, the Tall Ships will arrive in Kingsville's waterfront August 16 to the 18th.

Mayor Nelson Santos says he's excited for the tall ships.

"That event itself will be the largest that we have ever hosted in our community and again celebrating our space and our location right off of the lake and the sheltered harbour really goes back to the story of Kingsville," says Santos.

He calls the two new festivals part of a revitalized economy and tourism surge that the town is experiencing but says the goal for 2019 is to keep moving forward.

"We are seeing success with filling in of our storefronts and very minimal vacancies at all at this point, so it has been a positive 2018 for the business and the entrepreneur," says Santos.

But as the town is growing, it is putting pressure on the older infrastructure.

"Both in residential, commercial and some industrial growth, trying to balance out specific areas and ensure that the pressures that we are seeing from infrastructure for increased water pressures, we have capacities but now it is a matter of tweaking some of the older parts of our municipality," he says.

Mayor Santos also wants to see the tourism industry continue grow with the wineries and craft beer and wants to focus on providing different programming and a high level of service by providing a walkable active community for its residents.


With files from Gord Bacon