Kingsville Polling Residents on Where to Put New Splash Pad


Kingsville wants to know where it should put a new splash pad.

The town is asking residents to fill out an online survey on if they'd like to see the pad at Mettawas Park, Lakeside Park or Lions Park.

"We're at the stage now where we're identifying, with the support of the public, the location that is most preferred. Where would it fit best? Where does it have opportunity for greater accessibility? All of those pieces are part of the questions that are provided on the survey," said Mayor, Nelson Santos.

Each location comes with its own pros and cons and financial impact according to Santos who says council is looking forward to hearing from the public.

"Certainly council will make the final decision, but the intention is to try to gauge the interest from the public as to where they'd like to see it, where they would use it most. That is the ideal response that we're looking for. The public say is very key, obviously, in the ultimate decision."

If approved, Santos says construction will begin in the New Year.

"Just encouraging the public to really have their say," he says. "The options are there and we're looking to get the results back to our Parks, Recreation, Arts and Culture Committee later this month and then have it brought back to council for further consideration in the 2021 budget."

A full rundown of what's proposed for each location as well as the survey can be found on the town's website.

Depending on which site is picked, the total cost of the project ranges between $500,000 and $650,000.


— With files from AM800's Rob Hindi