Kingsville Wants to Help Businesses Grow


The Town of Kingsville wants to help businesses grow.

It has launched a 'business retention and expansion survey' to get some input on the future plans and needs of local businesses.

The information will be used to plan future economic development.

Businesses will be contacted up until March 7, 2020 and are encouraged to take part in the telephone survey which will take about 15 minutes.

Some businesses will also be picked for follow-up meetings.

Kingsville Mayor Nelson Santos says the town has a unique business profile because it has a thriving downtown and is surrounded by traditional agricultural farming, cottages and greenhouses.

He says the goal is to keep the town moving in a positive direction.

"Some ideas for programs, recommendations that we can look at as a council to help support the business community going forward," says Santos.

Santos adds the survey should help to identify any gaps.

"If they have any concerns, if there are opportunities for additional supports to help them grow or if there is a concern about their future, this survey helps us identify some key points in our community at this time," says Santos.

A presentation and final results will be released in the first quarter of 2020.