Kyle Beach steps forward as victim in Blackhawks sex assault investigation


Kyle Beach, a former player in the Chicago Blackhawks farm system, has come forward as John Doe in the team’s sexual assault investigation.

In an exclusive interview with TSN’s Rick Westhead, Beach identified himself as the first accuser of Brad Aldrich, the team’s video coach from 2008 to 2010.

According to an independent report released on Tuesday, the incident occurred in May 2010, when Aldrich allegedly threatened Beach with a souvenir baseball bat before forcibly performing oral sex on him and masturbating on his back.

“I felt like I was alone and there was nothing I could do and nobody I could turn to for help and I didn’t know what to do as a 20-year-old,” Beach told TSN. “I would never dream, or you could never imagine being put in this situation by somebody who’s supposed to be there to help you and to make you a better hockey player and a better person and continue to build your career.”

Following release of the report, the Blackhawks were fined US$2 million and general manager Stan Bowman resigned from the team.

Bowman has also resigned from his role with the U.S. men’s Olympic hockey team.

Aldrich has maintained that the encounter was consensual.

- with files from TSN and The Canadian Press