Labour Day message is workers are the recovery


This year's Labour Day theme from the Windsor and District Labour Council is that workers are the recovery.

Another year having to hold virtual only events to mark the occasion didn't stop the labour council from outlining four key planks they believe will lift the community out of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Council president Brian Hogan says a much more equitable recovery is needed to make sure more people are going to come out of the pandemic in good shape.

"We need to replace lost jobs with better ones. That have pensions, that are unionized, that are living wage. Getting someone a job that doesn't give them a living wage means they have to cobble together four or five jobs and they're not there for their families."

Hogan says another huge issue involves the social safety net.

"More people are homeless because of COVID, we need affordable housing. We need improvements to EI, and of course we need childcare improvements."

In terms of public health care, Hogan says Doug Ford has proven that long term care needs to be part of the public system.

"Our healthcare system needs a better infusion of funds, but we also need to work towards establishing pharmacare."

And the last key, is battling climate change as Hogan says the local experience over the last number of years shows the urgency.

"Climate change also has to help out workers. So, as we go to the green economy, renewable energy, green building construction and public transportation. And I know UNIFOR has been really pushing about green cars built here and we need those jobs here," Hogan said.

The four key planks of the labour council's message boil down to better jobs, a better social safety net, better public healthcare and the need to tackle climate change.