Labour Holds Rally as Ontario Legislature Resumes


The Ontario legislature resumes Monday but outside of Queen's Park, labour groups are rallying against cuts imposed by the Doug Ford government.

President of the Windsor and District Labour Council, Brian Hogan says even though Premier Ford says he is for the people, all of his decisions have hurt the people.

He points to local concerns such as merging health units and EMS as well as cuts to the education sector that affect the teacher-student ratios.

The gathering in Toronto is demanding the government fully fund public services like health care, education and child care.

Hogan says the only people who are happy are the rich.

"It seems like most of the cuts, the toughest cuts are to the neediest people and again that's why we have government to help out everyone but in particular needy people," he says.

Hogan says the toughest cuts are hurting the neediest people.

"More right wing governments are forgetting that it is about the people and ironically Doug Ford says he is for the people but all of his cuts are hurting people. I don't know one decision he has made that could help people," he says.

Premier Doug Ford is promising to strike a new tone during this legislature. 

This is the first day back after a five-month break.


With files from Gord Bacon