Lakeshore Considers Lowering Speeds at 401 Overpasses


Lakeshore will look at lowering speeds on bridges that cross Hwy. 401.

Ward 5 Councillor Kirk Walstedt brought the motion forward Tuesday after residents complained about close calls when vehicles travelling in excess of 80 km/h came across stopped vehicle on the other side of an overpass.

Walstedt wants to see the speed limit dropped to 50 km/h on those overpasses to allow more time for motorists to stop. He says it's a matter of time before there's a tragedy.

"All of us know how busy it is in the summer and fall in respect to farm machinery and I'm surprised there hasn't been any serious accidents," he says.

There are children boarding and exiting school buses in some cases, added Walstedt.

"That's because the highway came after a lot of these homes were built so they're very close to the base of the roads," says Walstedt. "That's why I've made this motion to limit the speed limit on these overpasses."

Ward 2 Councillor Len Janisse supports the motion, but wants to see it taken further.

"The speed at 80 km/h gets people up to 100 km/h, so I think we should look at the broader picture here and not only do the bridges; lets bring those roads down to 50 km/h," he added.

Administration will prepare a by-law for consideration at a future meeting.