Lakeshore Council to Discuss Cooling Options for Arena During Summer Months


A report two years in the making is set to go before Lakeshore council Tuesday night.

Back in February 2019, council asked for a feasibility study to see how much it would cost to install an air conditioning system for the Rock Arena at the Atlas Tube Centre.

Mayor Tom Bain says user groups have been asking to use the pad during the summer months but they're limited due to the high temperature inside the arena.

"We have a real high demand from groups such as our seniors and some sporting groups who wish to come in there and use that arena to do such games as shuffle board and other ball games that they like to play," says Bain.   

The report highlights three options but administration is recommending option three, which calls for a direct expansion cooling system with indoor fan coil units and outdoor air cooled condensers.

The cost of option three is roughly $1.5-million.

Bain says the report is for information purposes only and council will make a decision at a later date.

"Our budget has been set for this year and with all the COVID problems and the pandemic, it's something that we will take a look at in the future and I think I can see us going ahead with it because of the high demand," says Bain.      

He says council knew the estimated cost would be quite high.

"We knew that the present system that we have in there, all it can do is what's there and not handle more demand," he says.  "We were aware it was going to be high and that's why we kind of looking for possible two-three year solution to put that in there."

The feasibility study was budgeted in the 2019 budget.  Council set aside $80,000 for the study but the actual cost came in just under $5,000.