Lakeshore Council to Discuss New Christmas Lights


Lakeshore council is being asked to spend $63,000 on new Christmas lights.

If approved, the lights will be installed on main streets in Woodslee, St. Joachim, Stoney Point, Comber and Lighthouse Cove.

Mayor Tom Bain supports the initiative and feels it will bring "seasonal cheer" to the community.

"It's very festive especially this year when we continue to go through a pandemic and it's something that I think will light it up for people and give them a chance to enjoy," says Bain.   

He says businesses in those five communities made a request for the lights.

"We already have lights that's put up by the BIA in the Town of Belle River," he says.  "They've seen results of those lights and how nice they look and really cheer people up and they said hey, we would like to have similar for our towns."    

Bain believes it will be a positive discussion around the council table.

"It's really a good news story and that's something that in our present times we need some good news stories and people certainly need to be able to get out and enjoy things and things are slowly starting to change and we want to be apart of that change, getting back to normal," says Bain.  

According to the report, the municipality does not own any Christmas lights or decorations.

Lakeshore council meets Tuesday evening at 6pm.