Lakeshore Councillor Wants Everyone to use Correct Title for New Regional Hospital


A councillor in Lakeshore wants to make one thing clear; the new mega hospital is a regional hospital.

The group Citizens for an Accountable Mega-Hospital Planning Process has been loud in its opposition of a new hospital out on County Rd. 42 near Windsor International Airport.

With CAMMP citing its location as a major sticking point, pulling medical care from the city's core.

Lakeshore Ward 1 Councillor Steven Wilder plans to introduce a notice of motion to combat misinformation when it comes to the new hospital.

He tells AM800 news he wants the town to pen a letter of support that includes that the Mega Hospital be referred to as a Regional Hospital.

Wilder is fed-up with CAMPP and others not referring to the new hospital as regional, it's meant for everybody in Windsor-Essex and everybody is paying for it.

He says people are ignoring a multi-million dollar acute care centre that will remain in Windsor's core for emergencies and are focused on having to drive further to get to the County rd. 42 location.

Wilder says most people in Essex County have to drive more than 40-minutes to Windsor or Leamington and taking a bus isn't an option.

"Quite frankly it's lost on us when hear from residents in Windsor saying 'we don't want to drive 20-minutes to the hospital' when we'd happily take a 20 min drive to the hospital," he says.

He says council has penned letters of support before, but another reminder the entire county is banking on the new hospital can't hurt.

"I don't think it can hurt to put some further support behind it and really put some emphasis behind the fact, especially from the municipalities, that we see this as a need for our future as well," he added.

Wilder says the county and the city are growing towards the proposed location.

"It's not only going to address our needs today, but our needs in the future and it needs to be a regional hospital, it needs to be a location that doesn't just meet the needs of Windsor residents, it needs to meet the needs of all Windsor and Essex County."

Wilder says there's serious concern that infighting could cost Windsor-Essex billions in funding needed to complete the project by 2021.

The issue will be brought to Lakeshore's next council meeting on May 21.

— with files from AM800's Rob Hindi