Lakeshore Councillor Wants Time Limits for Council Debates


It's all in the name of efficiency.

A Lakeshore councillor is going to introduce a notice of motion at Tuesday's town council meeting to implement time limits for council opening remarks, closing remarks and debates as well as introducing a 10pm meeting adjournment time frame.

Councillor Kirk Walstedt says this would apply to council only, not public delegations, but it would encourage councillors to get to the point, focus their comments and be more efficient.

"Lakeshore is extremely busy, lot of developments, our agendas are very lengthy," he says. "I thought if we amended our procedural by-law and put some time frames in there, that would be helpful."

Walstedt says it's about getting more done.

"Everybody focuses on what is important and the debate goes on, you be as succinct and as short as possible but make your point and that's all we really want to do."

He points out the mayor would also have the authority to grant an extension of time, if need be.

Walstedt says this would give the mayor some power to keep the debate moving forward.

The actual debate on the notice of motion would take place in September.