Lakeshore Looking to Hire Economic Development Officer


The Town of Lakeshore is looking at creating an Economic Development Officer position for the municipality.

Originally, administration was recommending the position to be discussed during 2021 budget deliberations but Deputy Mayor Tracey Bailey made a motion on Tuesday for the position to be tackled during 2020 deliberations.

She feels it's an important position and one that is needed for the town, saying it was essential to get the ball rolling right away for the position.

"This is a position that was very high on the priority list of council, it was part of our strategic plan to move forward and I think it's holding us back," says Bailey.  "So this was the community connection piece that was needed."  

She says the town would like to have the position in place by the end of 2020.

"I recognize administration has some background work to do," says Bailey.  "We want to make sure that we set the position up right so that the job function and the job duties match what council is looking for, so the end probably around Q3 of 2020 would make the most sense."     

Bailey says the position is very high on the priority list for council.

"We're seeing other municipalities and towns that are rolling out these positions as well so they're at the table and weren't quite frankly not at the table," says Bailey.  "So we need to get at the table and make sure we're moving Lakeshore forward in the right direction."  

Bailey says a goal for the position is to attract new businesses to Lakeshore.

The position will cost Lakeshore roughly $145,000 per year.

Councillor Len Janisse and Steven Wilder voted against Bailey's motion.