Lakeshore Residents Continue to Clean-up After Flooding


The clean-up continues in Lakeshore after Friday's rainfall.

Mayor Tom Bain says it's still unknown how many basements were flooded but he believes it's more than 1000.

He says most of the flooding occurred in the northend of town, along Lake St. Clair with the area receiving up to four inches of rain. 

Bain says the municipality received more than 750 calls and staff will return all calls to found out what happened.

"If there is a problem with the system or is there a problem with the individual household such as no back water valve or faulty sump pumps, look at those things," says Bain.   

He says with the rain coming down so quickly, the present system could not handle that amount of rainfall. 

"We know that there's going to be areas where we got to enlarge the pumps on systems," he says.  "We know there's areas where were going to have to go back now and increase the size of the reservoir so these are things we're going to look at."    


Standing water in the front yard of a home on Lilydale Avenue on the shores of Lake St. Clair in Belle River on Saturday July 17, 2021 (Photo by CTV Windsor's Alana Hadadean)

Bain says he visited flooded homes over the weekend.

"To go to peoples homes and see what their basements look like, flooding and unfortunately we even had sewage backups so we certainly feel for these people and we will answering all of those calls, getting back to those residents," says Bain.     

The municipality issued a State of Emergency late Friday night but it has since been lifted.

As heard on AM800 news over the weekend, Environment Canada's Rob Kuhn said approximately 50mm to 102mmm of rain fell in isolated areas in Windsor-Essex.