Lakeshore Scores High with Satisfaction Survey


It appears the majority of Lakeshore residents are happy with where they live.

The town recently conducted a satisfaction survey, which found 97% of the 454 homes called said they were satisfied with Lakeshore and the services it provides.

The most appealing factors were the town's close-knit community spirit which came in at 30% while 29% of residents said they love living near the lake.

Councillor Steven Wilder says another impressive number was 86% said they were happy with their last interaction with the town.

"I very much appreciate getting information like this. Bottom line, that speaks to the staff that we have, the job that our administration and staff is doing,” says Wilder. “These are people who are bringing an issue forward and 86% of them, there's a high satisfaction there. So I think that's great and it's very good."

According to Wilder says fire service stood out as well with a 99% approval rate.

"Fire service, a huge point of pride is what that looked like, I think it's great,” he says. “I think it speaks to the efforts of our women and men dedicated to their community, the effectiveness of the current level of fire services we have and, most importantly, in the eyes of the residents, the ones they're serving."

Mayor Tom Bain says this just confirms what he's known for years.

"You're always going to have a percentage who aren't happy and they let us know that. The problem is I think a lot of the time you don't hear from the ones who are happy and you don't get that little pat on the back,” he says. So I really see this survey as a huge pat on the back for our administration and for our council."

The survey found the biggest concerns for residents to be road improvements, population growth and high water levels.

The town spent $24,000 on the survey, which was conducted by Ipsos between February 10 and 26.