Lakeshore takes steps towards flood mitigation implementation


The Municipality of Lakeshore has begun taking significant steps towards the implementation of its Flood Mitigation and Protection Framework.

The framework, which was approved by council at a special meeting on August 12, represents a multi-faceted approach to addressing the complex challenges of flooding and climate change. 

Mayor Tom Bain says reducing the impact of flooding and protecting their community members and their homes is the highest priority, and that this is the bold vision and comprehensive action they need.

"Which really takes a multi-pronged approach to it, there will be short term items that we do right away and long term," he said.

The framework will focus on roadway and basement flooding caused by stormwater and sanitary sources, and also includes investments in new programs, expanded investigation and by-law enforcement capacity, policy and by-law reviews.

"Some of the other areas where we're going to work on and go ahead is certainly in the drainage area where we'll be looking at larger pumps, adding new pumps, more pumps and also enlarging some of the reservoirs that we have."

Bain says it won't be a quick fix and it's a significant investment in their organizational capacity.

"It's certainly not going to be a cheap program," Bain continued. "We know full well that we're going to need the help of local stakeholders and also, especially, the higher levels of government meaning our provincial government and our federal government if we're going to be able to reach these goals."

Last week, the Lakeshore officials met with Amarjot Sandhu, Parliamentary Assistant to the Province's Minister of Infrastructure, and David Piccini, Minister of Environment, Conservation and Parks to bring awareness to the plight of the Municipality and request funding for further flood mitigation efforts.

Residents and property owners impacted by flooding are asked to fill out the Online Flooding Survey which will help staff in identifying problem areas.

The Municipality is going to be hosting public meetings in the fall to share information about flood mitigation and gather feedback from the community.