Lakeshore/Tecumseh to Hold Joint Council Meeting


Lakeshore and Tecumseh councils are gathering Tuesday evening  for a special joint council meeting.

Mayor Tom Bain says it's a unique opportunity for both councils to meet and discuss issues surrounding the neighbouring municipalities.

He says previous councils met before but this is a chance for the current councils to gather and share ideas.

"We share borders and there's a lot of areas where there could possibly be savings if we work together in areas where on roads that we share, you can look at infrastructure costs, sewage costs, road costs," says Bain.      

He believes the meeting will be similar to a brain storming session.

"Each council member is going to be able to say their peace and hopefully have some ideas on helping the individual councils that they can bring forward as the individuals," says Bain.   

The meeting begins at 7:30pm at the Atlas Tube Centre.

Administration from both towns will also be in attendance.

Bain anticipates future joint meetings for both councils in the near future.