Lakeshore Wants Public Input on Marina Master Plan


The municipality of Lakeshore wants to hear from its residents on what they'd like to see at Lakeview Park, West Beach and Belle River Marina.

Mayor Tom Bain says the Belle River waterfront has become a popular spot and the town wants to make further improvements to draw in more visitors.

A public open house is planned for next week where the town will gather input on its master plan for the area.

Bain says concept drawings will be unveiled at the meeting.

"It's there, the drawing, for people to see and to make suggestions like, 'I think that's a great idea, but maybe it should be moved closer to the water,' or 'Maybe it should be moved to a different area.' Really leaving it open to hear from our public," he says.

Bain says he's looking forward to hearing from residents.

"There are always a lot of good ideas there that, perhaps, haven't crossed the minds of the experts when they draw up these plans," he says. "So we like to go to our public and hear what they say. They're the ones that will be using it in the future. They're the people who are going to be there day in and day out."

Bain says there are plenty of possibilities.

"We are trying to remain open. We know we have a great waterfront there, a small restaurant that maybe needs enhancing. We're really open to things we can do, tennis courts, other items that can be added to make it a top notch park," he says.

If the master plan is approved, Bain says work could begin as soon as this summer. 

The public meeting takes place Thursday, February 13 from 3pm to 7pm at the Atlas Tube Centre.

CLICK HERE to find more information on the plan.


With files from Rob Hindi