Lakeshore Welcomes Wheatley to Atlas Tube Centre


The Lakeshore Canadiens are looking to bounce back after suffering their first loss of the regular season.

The Canadiens welcome the Wheatley Sharks to the Atlas Tube Centre on Friday.

Lakeshore is coming off a 6-3 loss on Wednesday to Mooretown.

Head Coach Anthony Iaquinta says his team regroups well after a loss.

"We just got to make sure we come ready to work hard and really make sure we're paying the price, do what it takes to win," says Iaquinta.     

The Canadiens are 4-1 this season.

They have scored 26 goals while giving up 12 goals.

Wheatley beat Essex at home on Wednesday 4-3.

The Sharks have a record of two wins and three losses.

Game time is set for 7 p.m.