Lanspeary Park greenhouse to be demolished; some structures to remain on Heritage Register


During Monday afternoon's Development and Heritage Standing Committee meeting, council decided to move forward with the report of demolition, as well as having the fieldstone structure remain on the Windsor Municipal Heritage Register and to lastly ensure that commemoration of the complex is implemented. 

During the meeting it was asked whether the greenhouse space could still be repurposed, however administration explained that the building was in too poor of a condition to do so. 

Commemorative recognition of the greenhouse will be done by ensuring the fieldstone structure stay intact, the bandstand, as well as the gates. 

Signage will also be added to acknowledge the complex. 

The 3.5 acres of land will be put back into the Parkland because ward 4 is deficient in that aspect.

The proposal after the greenhouse complex demolition is for the lands to remain as part of Lanspeary Park and be repurposed according to the Lanspeary Park Master Plan. 

Specifics of the reuse of the land are still being worked out and are expected to be presented to council by the end of the year. 

Lanspeary Park is one of the oldest parks in the city, established in 1917, and was the site of the City’s greenhouse and nursery operations since 1926 until the recent move of the greenhouse operations to Jackson Park at a new greenhouse complex.