Large Crowds For The First Weekend Of Bright Lights Windsor


If the first weekend is any indication,  Bright Lights Windsor is a popular holiday attraction for Windsor and Essex residents.

Due to popular demand, the lights will be on starting at 5:30pm instead of the original 6:30pm.

The kick-off took place Friday night at Jackson Park where hundreds of people attended to flip the switch.

Speaking on AM800's the Lynn Martin Show, Windsor's Executive Director of Recreation and Culture Jan Wilson says even though the kick-off was Friday, Saturday and Sunday were also busy nights.

Wilson says the park should be quieter during week nights.

"The displays are here to stay in Windsor," says Wilson. "Those large displays are quite expensive to purchase as an initial purchase. Once you have them you have them and you just maintain them and have some lights here and there."

The $1.5-million display runs until January 7th and includes holiday light displays, food trucks and hot chocolate.