LaSalle council to discuss second fire hall in the area


The Town of LaSalle will discuss the planning and construction of a proposed second fire hall at their regular meeting of council.

A report coming to LaSalle Council on Tuesday evening requests the removal of the holding provision and the holding zone symbol from the property on the west side of Front Road. 

In January 2022, the town moved forward with a new Fire Master Plan and implementation that established a framework for the delivery of fire protection services in the community.

Last year, council also approved a three-station model that would locate the fire hall substation on Front Road. 

Councillor Sue Desjarlais says the fire hall on Front Road will help with faster response times. 

"We're what's considered a composite fire station in that we have full-time firefighters and paid-on-call which is the term for volunteer firefighters. They live all around the community, we might have firefighters who live closer to Front Road or the south side of the community."

Desjarlais says council will discuss several things related to the fire hall during the meeting. 

"We'll explain the parameters about traffic in and out of the fire station, what the fire hall might look like and the budget that has been established."

She says this will build on the town's quality of life.  

"That's something that LaSalle is known for, our excellent services, so this is just adding to that. It's just strong public service and new infrastructure for a community that's growing, I think it's a win/win for everybody."

The Front Road property was previously home to the Centennial Arena. 

The state-of-the-art fire hall will be roughly 14,380 square feet, with two bays and the building will be designed with the possibility of expansion in mind. 

LaSalle Council gets underway at 6 p.m