LaSalle Hair Salon Owner Trying to Stay Positive Ahead of Shutdown


The owner of a hair salon in LaSalle is trying to stay positive in light of a 28-day shutdown across Ontario.

The measure announced Thursday by Premier Doug Ford is aimed at stopping the third wave of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The shutdown would close personal care services, like hair salons, and only allows restaurants to offer takeout or delivery.

Owner of Capelli Salon on Malden Road at Todd Lane, John Mejalli says he's disappointed but understands and hopes the shutdown gets the virus under control.

"Hopefully we can get back to some kind of normalcy, you know what I mean," says Mejalli.  "It's nuts.  I don't want to lockdown but I guess we have to you know." 

He says Thursday was a busy day at the salon with phone calls from customers trying to book last-minute appointments.

Mejalli says he doesn't want another lockdown but is trying to remain positive.

"I'm not to happy about it like I said but I just got to look at the bright side, I just had a kid, I can spend some time with my beautiful wife and my beautiful child," says Mejalli.  "That's the only way I can look at this right now."    

He says another shutdown will definitely impact his business.

"We've done it a couple times already and like I said, got to keep positive and get through it," says Mejalli.  "It's definitely always an impact financially but we just got to prepare for these times that's the thing, we do and we just move forward."    

Mejalli says the salon reopened on Feb.16 when the region moved to the red-control zone.

He says since that time, customers have been very cautious but have come in.