LaSalle Looking for Feedback on Small Coast Waterfront Project


LaSalle wants to hear from the community when it comes to its Small Coast Waterfront Project.

The town unveiled the $50-million plan in November 2019 which includes pedestrian trails, an event plaza along with an event centre, a marina and other recreation features along Front Road from Kenwood Boulevard to Ulster Street.

Residents are being asked to head to the town's website to provide feedback on the videos and concepts put together by staff.

Mayor Marc Bondy says he town is open to suggestions.

"We're hoping, once we put this out, a lot of people will see it. You have to open an account once and then you can go in there several times and give us ideas, opinions, comments, whatever,. Then we'll put all those together and come up with a plan or maybe change the plan we have in place presently," he says.

Bondy says comments so far have been very positive.

"What we've heard prior to us starting this process is nothing but great comments like, "It's about time", "You finally have a place for us to go", "We can go fishing, we can go for walk". We're going to have a commercial component hopefully with restaurants. So, what I'm anticipating is nothing but great ideas and comments," he says.

Bondy says the town is taking a phased approach with the hopes of tapping into some grant money.

"If we plan it this way, in phases, and every year if grants become available and we are successful we'll say great, we're glad we didn't do it all at once because now we have some money to apply. We might do Phase 1 or Phase 2 and go, "You know what? Maybe we'll change this just a bit," he adds.

The community has until March 1 to provide comments on the project.

CLICK HERE to find the survey on the town's website.


With files from Rob Hindi