LaSalle Mayor Marc Bondy not running for re-election


The mayor of LaSalle is not running in October's municipal election.

Marc Bondy says he informed town staff about his decision on Monday morning.

Bondy has been on council for 12 years serving as mayor, deputy mayor and councillor.

He says it's been an honour to represent the people of LaSalle, but it was time.

"I'm making my family a priority. I have my wife, my kids and my grand kids. They're growing and I miss a lot of events so I want to put them number one."

Bondy says over the last six months as people started talking election, he made up his mind. 

"It doesn't change how I do things, but in discussion with my wife and family I miss a lot of events with four grand children now," he continued. "And keeping my wife on her toes running in and out, and going to meetings, I thought I have to be selfish and put the Town in second place and my family number one."

He says in looking back through the ups and downs, it's been a humbling experience.

"People put their trust in me to, especially as Mayor, lead council and it's been fun. But I'm not going to joke, there is a lot of stress involved. When you're the mayor you're on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You're getting emails, you're getting texts, phone calls and messages," Bondy said.

Bondy says one of his highlights while serving on council is the Front Road waterfront development.