LaSalle Police stressing safety for back to school


Students will be back on the streets in full force across our region today.

It's a good time for LaSalle Police to remind drivers to be extra cautious of the students, pedestrians, crossing guards and buses that will be present in many areas.

Constable Terry Seguin says there have been some changes made for drivers to keep in mind.

"They've increased walking distances for the kids, and they did that last year, kids in grade school they're walking distances if they're just over 1.5 kilometres away from the school that starts from Grade 1, they'll have to walk to school or find alternative modes of transportation so expect to see increased pedestrian traffic on our roadways," he explained.

Seguin says school buses will also be operating as normal, and drivers should expect the usual delays and not try to pass.

"When the buses are stopping, when they see those red lights come on and are flashing, even if the bus isn't completely stopped and doesn't have the stop arm out yet, stop," Seguin continued. "Do what you can because it's going to be a short distance from that location where there's going to be kids or people crossing the road to get onto that bus."

Aside from the danger of travelling past a school bus that is stopped or stopping with its lights flashing will result in a fine of $490 and six demerit points.

Signage in school zones is clearly posted, and Seguin says they expect people to follow the rules for a reason.

"If you're travelling at 30 km/h it's very easy to stop and it's a lot easier to stop in a shorter distance than if you travelling at 50 km/h and that extra 20 or 30 seconds it takes you to travel through that zone I don't think is any undue burden on anybody else."

Crossing guards will be out ready to assist students on their journey to school, but police are asking drivers to be focused on their surroundings so everyone gets where they need to go safely.

Drivers who fail to obey a school crossing guard stop sign could receive a fine of up to $730 and four demerit points.