LaSalle Resident Says Transit A Plus, But More Routes Needed


It's been a year since Transit Windsor began a connection to LaSalle and with close to 3,000 riders each month, it appears to be well received.

The town offered free rides over the weekend to mark the occasion, one of those riders was 16-year-old Sandwich Secondary School Student Stuart Wood.

He was waiting to head into Windsor from the Vollmer Culture and Recreation Complex Saturday without the aid of his parents, something he says has helped his social life.

"It allows the younger kids to get rides places where we need to go. For example, I take the bus into Windsor all the time because I have more friends located around there and I don't have my G2 [licence]," he says. "I would have to ask somebody for a ride and give them gas money or I would have to wait for my parents to get home and ask them for a ride and most of the time that usually wasn't the best option."

Wood did have some constructive criticism however. He has to ride his bike 15-minutes to get to the nearest stop.

"It's really helpful I just wish they would have more bus routes closer to where I am and expand it a little bit more," says Wood.

Transit Windsor operates the service for LaSalle which costs the town $400,000 a year, over a five year period.