LaSalle Reviews Proposed Changes to Development Charge Bylaw


A proposed road map for future development charges has been laid out in LaSalle.

The Development Charge Background Study started back in March to bring the town's bylaw up to current provincial standards, according to Gary Scanlan of Watson and Associates Ltd.

A report was presented to council to update the town's bylaws to address area specific charges, asset management and plans for new infrastructure that are used to calculate development charges moving forward.

The report identified $30.6-million in spending on services and infrastructure over the next five years, of which $20.9-million is recoverable through development charges.

Scanlan says the bylaw will spell out what areas developers are responsible for contributing to moving forward.

"What are they going to construct at their full cost and then draw a line and say past that line these are the items that we would include on the development charge," he says.

LaSalle's population is expected to grow from 33,000 to nearly 40,000 by 2030.

Scanlan says certain areas, like wastewater, won't be affected by that growth.

"The capacity of that infrastructure should be adequate to service the growth out to that period, so that's what's causing the charge to reduce in that particular area," he added.

The bylaw will be posted for public viewing before council discusses it on Dec. 8.