LaSalle's 2021 Draft Budget Calls for a Property Tax Increase


Residents in LaSalle could see their first property tax increase in two years.

Council received a proposed 2021 Budget with a 1.95 per cent tax hike Tuesday night — a $1.7-million increase to the municipal tax levy.

The draft budget includes $18-million for Small Coast Waterfront Experience Project Phase 2 and millions of dollars in infrastructure improvements, according to Mayor Marc Bondy.

He says the moderate increase is fair when balancing lost revenue during the COVID-19 pandemic and what the town needs for the future.

"We don't put off to tomorrow what should be paid today, so we're mindful of giving people the services the residents want while trying to keep it fiscally responsible," he says.

Bondy says the proposed budget finds a balance between wants and needs.

"Administration is doing a good job of staying within the boundaries and accomplishing a lot; giving the taxpayers services and I think we're doing it in a responsible manner," he says.

Bondy says the postponement of property assessments for 2021 could soften the blow of a municipal tax increase.

"This year there is no assessment increase, so the only increase should be this 1.95 per cent," he says. "If you take into account the county and the school board it's under 1.5 per cent."

The completed draft budget will be released to the public on Nov. 24.

Budget deliberations are set to begin on Dec. 16.