LaSalle's deputy mayor running for top job


LaSalle's current deputy mayor has filed her nomination papers and will be seeking the mayor’s seat in this fall's municipal election.

Crystal Meloche was first elected to LaSalle council in 2010, and served two terms before being acclaimed as deputy mayor in the last election in 2018.

As AM800 news reported last week, Marc Bondy has decided not to run for re-election in October.

Meloche says this is something she's been thinking about during the last four years.

"It's always the goal eventually to get to mayor, time wise I wasn't exactly sure when that was going to happen, but things have kind of fallen into place," she continued. "Now's a really good time for myself, and the community, and that's why I put my name in."

She wants to focus on continuing what they've started over the past four years, as Meloche says the pandemic has impacted a lot of what they had planned and were hoping to have done which were put on the back burner.

"So I'd like to see us continue working on those things and focusing on more community minded events. Focusing on affordable housing and trying to find things in our community to help people no matter the age."

Meloche has spoken to Bondy about her decision, and says she's got a lot of respect for him as well as the rest of the council members in LaSalle.

"I've been very fortunate in all three terms to have a great group of people to work with. I actually reached out to all members of council before it was official just to make them all aware that this was my intention. Because I respect everyone that I work with and it's been a really great working relationship that I hope to be able to continue," she said.

Meloche says most importantly her family has been 100% supportive of her decision, and they're looking forward to helping her try and grab the mayor's seat on October 24.


- with files from AM800's Rob Hindi