LaSalle Supports Location of Proposed Mega-Hospital


LaSalle is the latest municipality to endorse the location of a proposed new acute care hospital in Windsor-Essex.

Council voted unanimously on Tuesday to support the location on County Rd. 42 and the 9th Concession in Windsor, not far from Windsor Airport.

The backing comes after Lakeshore council approved a resolution asking for area municipalities to support the location. Essex and Amherstburg have also endorsed the location.

LaSalle Deputy Mayor Crystal Meloche says many residents have approached her and want the project to move forward.

"It's very important for the entire region to support it," says Meloche. "If we look like we're divided and we're not in support of this location, you have to have that fear that the province is going to be like okay, they don't know what they want right now, let's move on to another project and then we don't know when they're coming back."

She says there is no perfect location for the hospital but approves the selected site.

"There's not a spot in Windsor-Essex that everyone is going to agree on, but we can all agree we need this hospital," says Meloche. "So let's just move forward and let's hope that the funds come sooner than later and we can start this project for our residents because it's needed."


LaSalle councillor Crystal Meloche attends the regular meeting of council on July 11, 2017. (Photo by Ricardo Veneza)

She also believes it's important the community comes together.

"I know there's some division when it comes to the area but most people out there are saying it's time to move forward," says Meloche. "We've debated this long enough, the professionals have looked at it, they've given us the best scenario. Let's move forward, let's get this hospital and I think it's really going to be something amazing for Windsor-Essex County."       

The group Citizens for an Accountable Mega-Hospital Planning Process (CAMPP) is against the proposed location for the hospital, saying it needs to be in the city's core to better serve Windsor residents.

CAMPP has launched an appeal of the zoning change on the land to the Local Planning Appeal Tribunal.