LaSalle Supports Proposed Shoreline Rules To Reduce Wave Damage


The idea of a "no wake zone" along the Detroit River is dead in the water, but a motorized watercraft ban 30-metres from shore is still alive and well.

Windsor Councillor Jo-Anne Gignac asked city council to consider supporting the establishment of a "no wake zone" Monday night. Council agreed to support the move that would force boaters to slow down near people's homes.

City officials met with the harbour master, the RCMP, OPP, Windsor police and LaSalle police on Tuesday to discuss the idea and decided to look at implementing a ban instead.

Amherstburg automatically became a part of the request as Windsor handles its policing, but LaSalle had to quickly get the item on its agenda Tuesday night.

Councillors unanimously agreed to support a letter to Transport Canada, creating a united-front the length of the Detroit River from Lake St. Clair to Lake Erie.

LaSalle Mayor Marc Bondy tells AM800 News damage from water crashing along the shore is hitting dangerous levels.

"Every time the wake hits that property its causing more damage and some of it might be irreparable. Not only damage to neighbours and friends, but the town owned property," he says.

The town is asking the public to slow down along its shores, but Bondy says if they won't do it voluntarily, more drastic measures are needed.

"We're doing the education piece and the awareness through social media," he says. "Hopefully, the enforcement tools will be handed to us so we can go out there, especially on weekends, and enforce this."

Bondy hopes boaters show some compassion for their neighbours before the town has to start handing out tickets.

"This is a historic event, we're at record high levels ... and possibly getting worse heading into August," says Bondy. "What we're asking everybody is, be mindful of your neighbours and friends and even people you don't know along the waterfront."

The proposed 30-metre zone does not include docking but does include activities with jet skis and other watercrafts.

Bondy says the request will now go to the Transport Ministry and officials are hoping to implement the rules as soon as possible.