LaSalle To Use Interactive Map To Promote Healthy Living


A new interactive webpage is on the way for LaSalle as part of its Active Living Strategy.

The town received $20,000 from The Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Recreation in 2017 and used that money to create a 19-point-plan to help stimulate healthy active living.

One aspect of that plan was presented to council by Douglass Marketing Group — an interactive map that will allow residents to point and click on a location to learn all they need to know and give input.

Director of Culture and Recreation Julie Columbus tells AM800 News it will be unique asset for residents.

"An interactive asset that they can go in and do some research and plunk in information and check out all the different outlets that are available to them," she says. "This initiative is a fairly new concept and they couldn't find any other initiative like it from here all the way to Chicago."

She says it will also help the town better direct resources moving forward.

"How often people are using the map, how often people are presenting information on the map," says Columbus. "So the example that was given today was about young moms going for walks on our trail system, we can actually track how many people are registering for that, how many people are meeting, if there's comments, feedback, it's an absolutely excellent tool for the municipality."

Columbus says the map will help get the word out for local businesses as well.

"Maybe a new resident moves into town and they're not aware those enterprises exist, this is a platform to sort of present what's available," she says. "If someone was to look at the map and wanted to join a yoga studio, these are the four that are available, or a fitness club, here are the three that are available."

The webpage will launch in the coming months, she added.