Last Day for Face to Face Campaign


It's the last day to donate to a well-known fundraising campaign in Windsor-Essex.

The Face-to-Face campaign, which raises funds for The Hospice of Windsor and Essex County, launched in mid-August for the 18th year and wraps up Wednesday evening.

Campaign chair John Fairley says one final push is needed from the community.

"It's always a good day to remind everyone, it now ends September 30 and get your money, collect your money and get it into the hospice or donate online as much as you can today.”

Fairley says he won't know the grand total until its revealed to everyone.

"I will find out basically when everyone else finds out," he says. "I don't get updated today, I won't be told how much there is.  I will wait and get surprised, presently surprised hopefully when they have the big reveal of the cheque number which is fine, I don't want to get overstressed about it."     

Fairley says it's a unique year for the campaign.

“2020 will prove to be a year of so many things not happening and it was a decision that we made with the hospice and our family just to say, do we want to do this again and I think if they make $5,000, it's more than if they didn't do it," says Fairley.      

The best way to donate is by visiting the hospice website.

In 17 years, the campaign has raised roughly $1.1-million.

This year's fundraising total is expected to be released in mid-October.