Leamington Arts Centre receives approval from council to allow alcohol on outdoor patio


Leamington council has made changes to their Municipal Alcohol Risk Management Policy to allow alcohol to be served on an outdoor patio at the Leamington Arts Centre. 

A report was brought forward to council on Tuesday evening, asking for an amendment to the policy. 

While the Arts Centre is licensed to serve alcohol inside the building in the gallery, they currently aren't allowed to serve it outdoors. 

The Municipality owns and manages facilities where alcohol consumption is not permitted, and other facilities where alcohol consumption is permitted under the authority of a Special Occasion Permit. 

Council voted in favour of the amendment. 

Taylor-Anne O'Connor, Licensing Assistant for Leamington says that the Alcohol Gaming and Commission of Ontario needs a letter from the Municipality with permission for the amendment.

"The Leamington Arts Centre has constructed a new outdoor patio and is seeking to have the outdoor patio permanently added to their Liquor Licence that is issued through the Alcohol Gaming and Commission of Ontario, the AGCO."

Chad Riley, Director of the Leamington Arts Centre, says the Centre wants the licence to be able to hold more events. 

"We've used the patio for Special Event Permits for the Mill Street Markets and such. We're looking to basically extend it so we can do regular programming on the patio space, and we're looking for next year to do small, little events, and it's all fenced in."

Riley says they've received all other approvals needed. 

"Basically this is just a formality with the AGCO. We've already received all of the inspection letters and approval from the Health Unit, from the Building Department, from the fire department, etc."

Currently the gallery has a Liquor Licence for the main floor and second floor of the Centre.

The outdoor patio seats 44 people over 11 tables.